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Everyone's a publisher. But with the proliferation of content - will yours sing, or just add to the noise?

With 10 years of experience writing for tech companies and senior figures in media and advertising, I can make sure your words hit the right notes - and combine words and graphics for an encore.

DATA analysis & visualisation

If data is the new oil, is yours powering your business or just burning up?

Whether it's internal, system or client data, unique insights produced through your own research or just information that's in the public domain, it all adds up to a well of potential for the writer and designer.

Some examples of projects we've done in this area include:

- Researching, writing and designing an infographic, which was released alongside a matching research report for lead generation, announced on social media with accompanying imagery, as well as in presentation form for the sales team.

- Initiating, designing and producing a research report which became an annual feature at the most important mobile ad industry conference worldwide.

- Producing guidebooks for a client event showing personalised bidding data and business profiles for each of the 30+ publishers attending. Later, a major prospect cited the design, detail and usefulness of the book as playing a major role in coming on board and adopting the platform.

Product Marketing, Case Studies & Sales Enablement

Making the complex simple is tricky, but can make a huge difference for your existing and future customers.

Getting product marketing right couldn't be more important, whether that means visualising the benefits (not just features) of what you do, or shifting their focus onto your customers to make them more concrete.

Get in touch for more examples and suggestions on product marketing.

HD content campaigns

That's HD content, not eyebrows.

Bringing together all of the elements listed here together in support of a major event, product release or announcement is a great way of grabbing attention and drumming up new business.

Every version of an HD campaign will look slightly different, but might include a combination of data visualisation, research, blogposts or longform articles, social media imagery (and even gifs.)

Not to mention print and digital advertising, sales or product marketing documentation, or an accompanying presentation to be used right there as well as in future.

Ron is one of the best writers I’ve ever worked with and his deep domain expertise in the advertising technology vertical a valuable asset. He was able to turn technical jargon into easily understandable prose for the layman and easily convey the value to the industry and to audiences beyond.
— Jay Stevens, Ex-CRO, Adform & GM, International, Rubicon Project