Client: Rubicon Project

With the launch of the eighth national publisher co-operative (and the first outside of Europe) on the Rubicon Project platform, the trend of publishers selling inventory together to compete with Facebook and Google was starting to look like a truly global phenomenon.

The brief was to produce engaging, visual content around DMEXCO which both explained the co-ops trend to the uninitiated, as well as reflecting some of the top successes so far in this area, and putting numbers to them, to prove it is not just hype.

Student Project

Big Night is a film from the mid-nineties about food, and staying true to your roots. Despite a 96% critics approval rating in Rotten Tomatoes, it is generally known only to film (and food) buffs.

On the eve of its reissue on DVD and Blu Ray, the brief was to create a striking new poster design, with a homemade feel. Taking a handmade approach to a design made out of flour and homemade pasta, reflecting the film’s warmth, energy and love of food.

#handmade #shillolon #bignight

A video posted by Ron Nussey (@ron_nffc) on

A video posted by Ron Nussey (@ron_nffc) on