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Redmill solutions: rebranding

Redmill Solutions was looking to rebrand, with a design that more closely reflected its mission - bringing greater transparency to clients' media data.

To achieve this, the logo was designed around the idea of greater visibility, while retaining a hint of the company's roots in digital technology.

A hint of its brand name is also reflected in the logo, the diagonal 'points' recalling a windmill's sails.


Platform 161: infographic

Netherlands-based advertising technology firm Platform161 was looking for an eye-catching way to explain what it does. The end result reads left to right, as opposed to the standard infographic template top to bottom. 3d graphics, text and icons combine to help explain a complex, technical product in an engaging, digestible way.


Netric: website redesign

Netric is a leading player in the advertising technology space across the Nordic region.

Wanting an updated website more reflective of its roots in tech, we obliged, with a responsive, mobile-friendly new look in keeping with its existing brand, and including parallax scrolling as well as revised copy.

Check out the site here.


spotx ihs research: infographic

Ad Technology platform SpotX was looking for an original way to promote and visualise the IHS' Video Advertising Report, a research project it had commissioned.

The brief was to keep it on brand, but make something that also stands out from the crowd. Incorporating elements of the client's branding which centres around the 'X', the response was to create an infographic which also reflected the two data sets contained in the research - comparing 2015 and 2020.

Find out more about the research here.



Rubicon Project Publisher Co-ops: Infographic and Report

With the launch of the eighth national publisher co-operative (and the first outside of Europe) on the Rubicon Project platform, the trend of publishers selling inventory together to compete with Facebook and Google was starting to look like a truly global phenomenon.

The brief was to produce engaging, visual content around DMEXCO which both explained the co-ops trend to the uninitiated, as well as reflecting some of the top successes so far in this area, and putting numbers to them, to prove it is not just hype.


rubicon project automation summit: product marketing & branding

The Automation Summit is Rubicon Project’s flagship UK event, bringing together 200 of the top digital execs from the most premium publishers and agencies in the market.

For this year’s event, the brief was to create branding across all elements of the Summit that was in keeping with past events, but also built on the key ideas of innovation, automation and technology allied with the overriding importance of the human touch.