Ziff Davis Case Study Featured in Rubicon Project's Q3 Earnings Call

The latest case study I worked on was highlighted in Rubicon Project's Q3 2015 earnings call. The quote from President Greg Raifman went as follows:

Let me briefly put our strategic focus of mobilization and monetization into perspective with a recent case study showcasing the powerful value we bring to publishers today. Ziff Davis International is a leading digital publisher with well-known properties such as IGN and AskMen. Working with Rubicon Project’s real-time bidding and orders technology for both mobile and desktop inventory, Ziff Davis International generated a 440% increase year-over-year in total revenue during July of 2015.

And despite enjoying massive growth in automation and private marketplaces, Ziff Davis International reported, “no decline in direct sold conversations” since adopting our orders platform. That is a powerful statement supporting our longstanding view that automation makes direct sales efforts far more efficient without cannibalizing revenue.