Spotify's Jon Mitchell on paid content & building products people love - Video

First published on the AOP website on 7 December 2010.

On innovation: “I don’t see why a major publisher can’t go out and invent the next Twitter, or something like that. It’s very important to look at your employee structure, and if you want to head into that world, look how big your tech team is… If you look at Facebook, Google, Twitter, some of the talent that sits with those guys is staggering, so how can a traditional publisher can actually persuade that talent to move?”

On monetisation: “You’ve got to be flexible… There’s obviously lots of comment externally on things like the Times paywall, from people who don’t know the costs of the content and its production. We’ve been able to prove we’ve got half a million people prepared to pay for music….

Simplicity is key "to make people fall in love with the product" and from there "you have a chance of building a sustainable content business."

On product development and apps: "It’s not something you can just do in 6 months," he stresses the importance of product iteration and making things as easy as possible for the user… . MP3 purchases were originally 15 clicks on Spotify, now they’re two.”

On developing for the growing number of mobile/tablet platforms:"How many devices are there?... How much work does it take?"

"The other route is to work with those tech firms to enable them to build your product on their platform. So that allows you to be multi-platform without needing a resource of 1000 staff, but from the core you’ve got to build your product so that someone can actually start to play around with it and build it to fit them… that’s what a lot of people forget – that you’re going to have a real struggle to put your product onto thousands of different devices, and then do updates for a thousand devices."