Hi, Iā€™m Ron.

I'm passionate about design, media, technology and most of all where all three overlap.

I set up Calligram, an independent graphic design and content business in January 2016. Before that I worked at Rubicon Project as Content Marketing Director. And before then, I was Head of Marketing & Communications at AOP. See my LinkedIn profile for more detail.

Content & Design

Over the past few years, I've worked on and witnessed first hand the effectiveness of combining brilliant content and impactful design across a number of different channels. A few examples of this are included below:

  • I researched, wrote and designed an infographic, which was released alongside a matching research report for lead generation, announced on social media with accompanying imagery, as well as in presentation form for the sales team.
  • Initiated, designed and produced end-to-end a research report which became an annual feature at the most important global mobile industry event.
  • Produced all branding around a major event, made a splash with an animated gif to announce it, as well as guidebooks for the event customised to the 30+ publisher businesses in attendance. A major prospect attending cited the design, detail and usefulness of the book as playing a major role in its coming on board and adopting the platform.

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